About Us

Teen Challenge Strathclyde

We are Teen Challenge Strathclyde, part of the UK and Global Teen Challenge Ministries – one of the most successful outreach and drug rehabilitation ministries in the world. We believe in miracles and that success is based on man finding God’s way out of the slavery and hopelessness that addictions bring.

Today we have 4 buses operating throughout the Strathclyde region. We now operate in 18 locations across Scotland each week. Over the years we have referred hundreds of people to residential programmes and have seen many able to live drug-free and fulfilling lives.

Teen Challenge UK has 2 men’s residential centres in Scotland and 2 in England. There are 3 female centres in the UK with one each in England, Scotland and Wales respectively.

How we began

Roy Lees

Started in 1990 by Roy Lees – he saw the desperate need to help young people addicted to drugs in Glasgow. A bus was fitted out with a kitchen and was taken to various locations around Glasgow where troubled people were able to get free food and coffee and help to overcome their addictions.

Through a network of ‘coffee-bar’ buses volunteers operate at street level to befriend and help people with drug abuse and alcohol problems. From these contacts we are able to refer people to residential programmes throughout Scotland and the UK.

On completion of the 12 month programme, we also provide further residential support for 6 months to enable residents to integrate back into the community – education, training, work experience and further life skills are made available to give the residents the best chance in life.

Teen Challenge Strathclyde is active in the prevention field by providing drug education to thousands of school children each year. It also works with many churches to help them provide young people in their communities with the right information to make right choices.

History of Teen Challenge

David Wilkerson

Teen Challenge was founded in 1958 by David Wilkerson in New York City, USA. The story of his interaction with street gangs and addicts in the city is documented in the best selling book, ‘The Cross and the Switchblade’. Residential centres that offered structured help for young people with addictions were soon opened and the organisation began to spread across the USA.

In 1968 it established its first European centre in The Hague, Holland. In 2007 there are some 450 centres in 92 countries on five continents. Worldwide there are more than 23,000 residents in its residential programmes and more information on the international work of Teen Challenge can be found on globaltc.org

In the late 1970′s Teen Challenge UK was started with a couple of outreach centres. Real growth in the ministry took place in the 1980′s and 1990′s and today the work is established in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Teen Challenge UK

John 1:6 - There was a man sent from God whose name was John.

Pastor John Macey

The first Teen Challenge UK centre opened in Pen-y-groes, Wales, in 1984. It's pioneer was an Apostolic pastor named John Macey, who, together with his wife, Anne, led the work of Teen Challenge for over 25 years. John was blessed to witness the work of Teen Challenge flourish into a nationally renown organisation, with rehabilitation facilities in Teen Challenge London; the Borders; Aberdeenshire and Harrogate, as well as outreach ministries operating in Strathclyde, London, East Dorset, T-SIde, Birmingham and Leeds .

With a brand new state of the art national headquarters and School of Ministry based in Nottinghamshire, Teen Challenge UK has gone on from strength to strength, helping many thousands come into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, finding lasting freedom from alcoholism and drug addiction. Let us all thank God for the vision, faithfulness and wisdom of Pastor John Macey!